Sunday, January 30, 2022


I'm doing my first exploration of BSD. After some struggles with the OpenBSD installer, I installed FreeBSD instead. Here as some findings.

You can install software from source in /usr/ports and to do that, you need the portsnap command to fetch the tree.

My 1280x768 monitor is used as a 640x480 console. I tried the following in /boot/loader.conf which did not work:


I tried to use hidraw using this in loader.conf which also did not work for me:


My 12th gen Intel machine cannot boot version 13 of BSD. Instead I need to use 14-CURRENT.

I could only get the installer for 14-CURRENT to run by installing a discrete Radeon GPU, which then let me set the BIOS option CSM enabled.

Friday, January 14, 2022


Game Studio Abraham Stolk Incorporated, has done a pivot. No games, for now, instead: consumer electronics.

Yep, I have refashioned myself as a electronics designer. And my new brand is TurboLEDz.

These devices will plug in your motherboard USB, and are to be mounted in your PC case. They will then display either the CPU load (Model88s) or the CPU Core Frequencies (Model810c) as a running graph.

You can buy them on my Tindie Store.