Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 totals

So, The Little Crane That Could is still chugging along, but undeniably it has peaked. I hope there is life left in the brave little crane, but it may be running out of steam. Here are the 2014 results (Number of free Downloads.)

2014 2013 2012 2011
iOS 1300K 3199K 3454K 1550K
Android 825K 1579K 1656K -
Mac 30K 53K 81K -
OUYA 4K 15K - -
Kindle 46K 95K - -
Rasp Pi ? 6K - -

I have been unable to check the Raspberry Pi downloads. The statistics report on the raspberry store is broken. It looks like the pi store was part of indiecity, which is part of Blitz Games, which seems to have gone under. I'm not sure if the download is still available on the store.

This brings the grand total of Little Crane downloads to 13.9 Million. Hooray for Little Crane! One last note: Little Crane is also available for GNU/Linux and Windows, but those releases saw downloads in homeopatic doses.

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