Friday, March 13, 2015

Steaming Ahead - WEEK 04

The fourth week of work after the Steam Green-lighting has come and gone. So as promised, here is a weekly update on the progress towards the Steam release of The Little Crane That Could.

I have added a level selection screen to the game, using my Dutch-Blunt vector font. Like the font, the screen is very minimalistic, see below.

I have created the first level for the game, which is a simple driving exercise where you need to follow a parcours trough the hills. Here's a map of the current parcours.

I have added a game-over screen that gets triggered when you win or lose a level. And then I also added a second level as well, which is an exercise in loading cargo.

I spent quite a lot of time getting a topographic map in the game. But I am pleased with the results.

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