Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 totals

So, The Little Crane That Could on iOS is straining up hill, but still going. On Android it seems to have caught a second wind. Here are the 2015 results (Number of free Downloads.)

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
iOS 630K 1300K 3199K 3454K 1550K
Android 1525K 825K 1579K 1656K -
Mac 20K 30K 53K 81K -
OUYA 0K 4K 15K - -
Kindle 52K 46K 95K - -
Rasp Pi ? ? 6K - -

This is the first year that Android downloads bested the iOS download numbers. And by a big margin too. Much of that is to attribute to a feature that the Google Play team did on Little Crane earlier this year.

This adds another 2.2M, totalling a 16.1M lifetime downloads. Hooray for Little Crane!

This was also the year that Little Crane saw its successor release: `The Little Crane That Could² : Mud Play' as it was called on iOS, and as `Little Crane' on Steam. In hindsight, this dual naming was too confusing. Also, it's adoption rate in the market has been modest: 60K free downloads on iOS, and 1383 paid downloads on Steam.

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