Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Some game developers dislike reading comments and feedback so much, that they completely stop doing that. In my experience, some of it is indeed downright abusive. I shrug it off by assuming the really threatening messages are written by kids, not adults.

But if you stop reading feedback, you will miss out on some real gems, be it for comedy-value, usefulness or endearing qualities.

Here are some of the most interesting responses I have received throughout the years.

Funniest (from long time follower apparently):

Most indignant:

Most litigious (and funny):

Most heart warming:

Most repetitive:

Most useful (So valuable, I should be paying for this feedback):


  1. Little Crane is reportedly free for Raspberry Pi on the pi store? pi store is gone. apt-get install littlecrane does not work... Is it still available? Is it still free? charleshuff1953@gmail.com

    1. Hi Charles,

      Yes, it was free for Raspberry Pie, but it seems to have disappeared along with the pi store.
      I don't know where to locate a copy, but if you manage to find one, I am happy to host it on my own website. If you know of a good forum for rPi, where I could ask for a copy of the game, I will post there, and see if someone still has it.

      Also, assuming the game runs well on the modern rPi models?
      I assume the are compatible?

    2. Found a copy on my old rPi.
      I've put it up on my site again: stolk.org/tlctc
      Just click on the Pi Store button.