Tuesday, May 8, 2018

GDPR and iOS developers.

Two of my mobile games on iOS use AdMob to serve ads. This makes me vulnerable to EU General Data Protection fines, as I have no clear view on what exactly is collected by AdMob. Google puts the responsibility of requesting user permission for the data that AdMob collects on me.

The safest option at this time, is for me to completely stop serving ads. And I may very well end up using that option. But I thought it may be interesting to examine other options.

Let's start with disabling all ads, but only for European customers. How feasible would this be?

Well, it starts with the ill-defined term "European customer." We need to identify exactly who the GDPR applies to. This is what the EU has to say about that:

It applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

Still imprecise, because it says nothing about the subject's location, other than residence. What about a EU citizen on holiday in the US? What about a US citizen on holiday in EU? For now, let's ignore this, and just try to determine residence.

One way, would be to check the user's locale. Typically, it would be set to the country of residence. So the use of NSLocale would be a good start. Better than the alternative of actually checking the user's location, as that would first throw up an annoying dialog requesting permission for checking location.

Is that 100% fool proof? What if user's have their locale setup incorrectly? Let me guess, the onus is on me? Hmm... completely disabling ads seems safer indeed.

Ok, disabling ads completely. Is it as simple as going to the AdMob portal, and stop the Ad servings? Unfortunately not, because AdMob would still be active on the mobile device, and after contacting the AdMob servers would learn that there is no Ad service. However, who's to say the user profile hasn't already been sent to AdMob servers anyway, before learning there are no Ads to show?

So nope, disabling ads can't be done without building and uploading new versions to the app store.

One final remark: those GDPR tools that AdMob talks about? Not there!

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